Decoupling Ceremonies

So, what is a Decoupling?

A decoupling is a ceremony to signify the breaking up of a relationship, whether the couple are married or not. These beautiful ceremonies acknowledge to friends and family that the relationship is ending on a mutual amicable basis, respecting what each person has brought to the relationship, and helping heal any pain that the break up may cause. The value of such ceremonies are far reaching and help each partner move on with confidence and optimism regarding any further relationships. They are also incredibly helpful for children and close friends to understand the separation process, this can be very important especially if each partner will be sharing the care of the child/children in the relationship.

Decoupling Ceremonies

Relationships are complex and delicate. Processing your feelings, loving, forgiving and making new commitments to yourself are part of the healing process of a decoupling. Processing  the value of what the relationship has given you, clearing what needs to be cleared and realising your true feelings gives freedom to begin a new chapter. You are empowered to think about the kind of relationship you really want, and where you can create the life and love you’ve always wanted! Therefore the ceremony offers blessings for the past, present and future.

The pre requisite for such a ceremony is that each partner is holding the other in the highest regard because you genuinely want the best for them and their future.

Decoupling Ceremonies

During the ceremony the couple gets the chance to remind each other why and how they fell in love in the first place; share how they grew as a person as a result of their relationship and possibly  even as a result of the breakup. The ceremony gives an opportunity for forgiveness, especially compassionate self-forgiveness, and a chance to thank their partner for all the good things they bought to the relationship, and possibly for the children they have raised together. The couple can if they like makes new vows to each other, and any children, and if married there can be blessings regarding their rings

After the Ceremony, both parties begin their new lives as single people with positivity and optimism and without any emotional baggage. This provides a solid and stable foundation for future relationships and a chance to find the relationship you really want.

For a local ceremony the price is £400


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