Legal Aspects

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Legal Aspects
Whether you get married in a registry office or a licenced venue, the ceremony content doesn’t really change. You will have a prescribed service and relatively little freedom in any aspects, unlike the ceremony you will have with a celebrant either before or after your legal wedding. 

Legal Process
1. For all weddings, couples must enter a notice of marriage. At least one month prior to the wedding, you will both need to attend an interview to get the legal paperwork and you will pay approximately £35 each for this. 

Once you have completed the notice of marriage, you can then book a ‘registration of marriage’. When you give notice you have to state where you intend to have your legal wedding/ registration of marriage.

  1. Registration of marriage – this is approximately £50 and takes place at the register office. The costs increase massively if you want this to be done at your venue or elsewhere.

You both need to attend with 2 witnesses. You can wear something smart or just casual, it is up to you. The marriage ceremony at the Register Office will take approximately 10-15 minutes. There is a set procedure with little room for any flexibility. You may be restricted in your choices of vows, music, readings and there also may be photographic restrictions.

A short statement about marriage will be given and you will be required to repeat a legal declaration. You sign the register with your two witnesses. We suggest you don’t exchange rings before the Registrar if you are going to have a celebrant ceremony afterwards.

You are legally married from the date of the registration. This part remains separate to your Personalised Wedding Celebration Ceremony that we create together. Your guests don’t need to know that your ceremony doesn’t include the legal documentation, and most don’t even realise it. We can also include the signing of a “wedding certificate” as part of the process as a keepsake.


NOCN Level 3 Certification in Civil Celebrancy, Member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants.

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