Feelings – worried about how to propose?

How are you feeling? Excited, anxious, on top of the world, unsure? Getting engaged and anxiety are not uncommon, there are so many questions for example what about engagement rings?

It’s something I hear often “I want to propose but don’t know how!” Well these are all quite normal emotions when you are thinking of popping the question, so let’s look at some ideas. ⁠It’s such an exciting time but you want to get it right! What’s most important to remember is there’s no right way to propose, it’s what’s right for you.

So, romantic gesture, intimate moment, how do you choose? It’s all about your partner so how well do you know them?

If you are thinking of popping the question then know your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Make a list of everything they like and I mean everything, favourite types of movie/books/music, favourite meal/restaurant then favourite things to do and places to go. It’s all important, what impresses them? grand gestures? or intimate heartfelt moments, or do they just like fun and “you time” wherever that might be? Do they like romcoms, are they a hopeless romantic? Is there a place that’s really special to you both?

All this will give you a starting point, I mean if they cringe at romantic gestures then don’t plan to propose in that way, regardless of what everyone else does.

Where should I propose.

Now we need to think about where to propose. Proposing at a big family event might not suit your partner if they’re quite shy or don’t have such a great relationship with their family but equally it could be ideal. Maybe you want to go somewhere you had a really special day or an amazing meal. Some people love public shows of affection, but for others it’s really not them. So you really need to think about this aspect before the next part.⁠


How would my partner want to become engaged?

⁠You really need to be a bit of a detective and seize the moment to find out more about some proposal ideas. The best way to find out exactly what your partner might want is to talk about engagements but not so it’s obvious, tough call isn’t it??!!⁠

⁠So if you are watching something on TV with a proposal scene just talk about it in a really fun way, so something like this…..”I think they are going to say yes what about you, your partner might say something like No it’s way too romantic, or of course they’ll say yes, it’s so romantic” and then normally you can continue from there. Or start a conversation with something like “I was talking to someone at work and they are thinking of proposing, they are going to…..” and make up a scenario and see the response of your partner.⁠

⁠How to make your proposal heartfelt.

So, regardless of what everyone else does….it’s all about doing it the right way for your partner and you as a couple, everyone has their own little quirks and funny things they share so just make sure its authentically you.





About the author.

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