So if you are planning a wedding there have been lots of changes in the world and the UK, so what’s the landscape like out there? More about this in a minute but first let’s meet the author.

I am Amanda a modern quirky celebrant who believes in helping couples have the ceremony they deserve with real freedom of choice and personalisation. I am based in Essex but am happy to travel as a UK celebrant but also a destination celebrant.

I specialise in working with amazing venues both licensed and unlicensed who offer much more than a traditional wedding in every aspect.  I have a can do attitude to your ceremony and make sure your wedding is exactly how you want it to be. I have written for thrive global, been featured in “An Essex wedding” magazine and “An English wedding” website.


Weddings post Brexit.

Firstly Brexit may well affect your wedding plans and your costs.  Florists for example import a lot of their flowers and food and drink suppliers may have to pay more too because they import goods from abroad. So now these costs may go up, in which case an English sparkling wine may now be more preferable than French Champagne!  So when looking at venues ask them if Brexit has changed the way they work or their prices, even if your wedding is 2 years or more away. It’s also a good tip to check that that the prices you are looking at online or in a brochure are correct for your wedding date, there may be new prices for 2022 or the price may go up each year.

Post Brexit, destination weddings may now be more complicated because of changes with passports, visas and documentation, also little things to be wary of might now be changes to data roaming charges for example. Destination weddings will still be very popular for all sorts of good reasons but if you are planning one you just need to make sure you do the research thoroughly.


Wedding Websites.

A relatively new trend is to have your own wedding website because as we know things change and your plans could alter, and also it’s great to have everything in one place for you and your guests. A wedding website provides a great way of changing dates and so on and letting your guests know quickly and easily what is happening. Also you can include all your wedding information from present lists, menu choices, a map of the venues, details of accommodation, taxi companies and so on. If you are tech minded it’s the way to go and if you aren’t maybe you know a tech savvy friend or teenage relation you can ask, but actually you can pay someone to create one for you for about £200. However it’s better to be able to do it yourself so you can update the information as and when you please.

Micro weddings and Elopements….what’s the difference?

The nature of weddings are evolving and couples are choosing more personalised ceremonies which is terrific because as a celebrant we love creating unique ceremonies which are totally personalised for each couple. Of course the big news is about micro weddings and elopements…let’s just clarity a few differences.


A micro wedding is a small wedding, often with immediate family and close friends only; it has become a go to during the pandemic but is becoming a popular choice for many reasons now. It differs from an elopement, because an elopement can be a spontaneous thing but is usually planned. It is attended only by the couple and a witness and often performed in secret although not always. A micro wedding could really suit you because it’s like a hybrid…a cross between an elopement and a big traditional wedding. It can be less expensive but lots of couples go for the macro experience with a micro wedding and spend more per head on their guests.

I hope this has been helpful and if you want to find out more about me or are considering a wedding celebrant for your amazing wedding ceremony then head to my website and schedule a call. Alternatively you can find me on instagram @amandasceremonies and on facebook @amandasbeautifulceremonies