How the celebrant creates that amazing and personalised ceremony?

Before we talk about what happens once you book a celebrant it’s important to consider something that is often overlooked. Having done your research on social media you should know all about their ceremonies, and of course this is their expertise. BUT the key thing for you to find out is, are they the right fit for you and do you get on. More about this in a minute but first let’s meet the author.

I am Amanda a modern quirky celebrant who believes in helping couples have the ceremony they deserve with real freedom of choice and personalisation.

I specialise in working with amazing venues both licensed and unlicensed who offer much more than a traditional wedding in every aspect.  I have a can do attitude to your ceremony and make sure your wedding is exactly how you want it to be.




So, what happens when you first contact the celebrant?

Normally you book a celebrant well before your ceremony date, sometimes months or a year or more before your actual ceremony date.  During the first chats details of the registry office, numbers of guests and so on aren’t necessary. At this stage I just want to get to know you as a couple, how you met, and all about your journey up to now, and you will want to get to know me.

This is essential because you want the celebrant to be a good fit and to tell your story in a way that says everything about you. To create the personalised ceremony that really reflects you as a couple, with all the funny stories and lovely memories, the celebrant should be doing a lot of listening!!!! All the precise details such as the number of guests come later.

So after we get to know each other this is generally how it works:

We discuss your venue, with a celebrant ceremony there is no limit on location, it can be indoors or outdoors, in your garden, somewhere special to you or a set venue, but wherever you choose I will also liaise with your venue and make sure everything is how you want it.

We then meet on several occasions to discuss and plan your ceremony looking at all the available options. We start to choreograph the ceremony, discussing the number of guests, layout of venue, bridesmaids, entrance music and all the precise details.

You may want to include family members in your ceremony or have cultural or family traditions that you want included.  There are certain standard ways and an order of service which we would use as a starting point but there’s always flexibility about various aspects.

After our discussions I write the first draft ceremony (and vows if you wish) and we tweak it until it is 100% as you want it. The most important input is yours, if you know exactly what you want that’s great but if not I have resources and ideas to share. The ceremony we create will be personalised and therefore totally unique.

We talk through every aspect from your entrance into the venue to when you leave, including bridesmaids, best man, walking down the aisle, seating of family members involved in your ceremony and the virus other aspects. I will arrange a rehearsal if possible at your venue and we can also do a rehearsal elsewhere beforehand if that helps.

On the day I generally arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony just to check in to make sure you and your partner are ok and everything is prepared just as you want it. I am there for as long as you want me, I don’t ever plan 2 ceremonies in one day.

So, that’s how it all works. Generally you don’t need to worry about anything; the celebrant is totally focused on you and your day. You give the celebrant all the ingredients that you like, all the things that are important to you, and they will create your magical unique ceremony.


Amanda Wheal.

November 2020