A surprise proposal.

Maybe it’s a spur of the moment proposal or your partner wants to choose their own ring, there are there still great ideas, and yes of course you can get engaged without a ring! Whether you want a romantic proposal, a fun proposal or an alternative proposal, there are lots of great ways to propose.

Using a memento to propose.

Propose with a memento, something that means a lot to both of you, and maybe write will you marry me somewhere on it. Maybe your favourite photo, a ticket from your
first holiday together, your first gig. Get tickets for a future event that you’ll both like but tell your partner they have to read the terms and conditions first, the first one being is you can only attend with your fiancé.

Make it a surprise part of something you regularly do, so if you play cards maybe deal out a hand and make sure one of your partner’s cards says “Will you marry me” or “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.

When putting up the Christmas tree give them a surprise gift of a new decoration and have something with those words on it or inside a see through bauble. This can be a romantic proposal and seasonal engagements are always popular.

Proposing on the beach

How about that walk on the beach, find a nice stone or maybe you have a stone your partner gave you a while ago. You could use this as a substitute so you get down on one knee and say “I know we haven’t chosen an actual stone for an engagement ring but until we do I want the promises I’m about to make to you to be set in this stone forever”.






Proposing with a family heirloom

How about a ring or jewellery that’s been handed down, something with real meaning? Use this until you can buy a ring and then it can be treasured and maybe included in the wedding as the “something old” part. An empty ring box doesn’t sound like a winner but something other than a ring can go inside it, like an appointment card for Tiffany’s! And of course some people have used hula hoops, haribo rings and all sorts of funny things, it’s your call!!



Proposing on a romantic break or over a meal.

How about a romantic break, you can propose on the beach, write it in the sand or enlist the staff at your hotel to prepare a room surprise or something similar, a special delivery from room service, or a message on the hotel TV channel in the room.⁠

⁠Cook up a romantic dinner, have the proposal printed on the napkin or the plate so once the food is eaten the proposal is there to see! You can also spell it out with your food or ice it on a cake. ⁠

Want to propose, your pet can be your best friend!

Why not involve your pet, you could have the proposal on a tag attached to a collar.

Maybe have it carved on a stick, throw the stick for the dog to fetch and ask your partner to get it from the dog when they return it, and of course make sure they look at it before they throw it again.

Some people also propose by buying their partner a pet which they have always wanted, great if you live together and have seriously talked about getting a pet. ⁠


Grand gestures for an amazing proposal.

If you want a really grand gesture….advertise your proposal, get some screen time at the cinema or at a sporting event or gig. Maybe even hire a plane with a banner asking them to marry you. ⁠If you are looking for a money no object proposal, there are plenty of options out there, the trick is to make it heartfelt too!

Writing a proposal.

Write a poem, song or write a letter, romantic, funny whatever your style is as a couple. There are plenty of tips for this online if you need help. Or just propose by getting down on one knee and asking, once they say yes and you get the ring you can do it all again with ring in hand!

About the author.

I’m Amanda a modern quirky celebrant who believes in helping couples have the ceremony they deserve with real freedom of choice and personalisation.

Working with amazing venues both licensed and unlicensed I offer much more than a traditional wedding in every aspect.

An award winning celebrant you’ll be guaranteed of a real positive can do attitude to your ceremony and a personalised ceremony created to ensure your wedding is exactly how you want it to be.

Although an Essex celebrant I also offer destination weddings in the UK and globally.

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