Surprise engagement proposal? How do you get the right ring size for a surprise proposal⁠?

Pretend you are going to buy a ring for a friend or relative, your mum, sister, brother, friend or even yourself. Preferably someone whose finger is similar in size to your partner’s left ring finger. Then you can casually ask what your partner’s ring size is for reference, maybe then buy an inexpensive ring and have your partner try it on to see if it fits. Remember to give that ring to the person you originally said you were buying it for. Remember now is the ideal time to do something like this if you are planning a Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s proposal .⁠

⁠In our list of ideas the next one is to borrow one of your partner’s rings for a day. Be careful though, make sure you borrow a ring that they won’t notice is missing and that’s similar in size to your partner’s left ring finger. ⁠


How about making a drawing, take one of their rings, put it on a piece of paper. Then draw a circle around the inside and outside of the ring. Make sure you can clearly see the circles so hopefully they will show the correct ring size. Some people take an impression of the ring in blu tack or a soap bar and then take that to the jewellers, just make sure you clean the ring thoroughly afterwards!!!! ⁠

⁠Some people wait until their partner is asleep and put a piece of string or paper around their partner’s ring finger to get the measurement. How crazy does that sound, I’m such a light sleeper myself but if you know your partner is a heavy sleeper then it could be an option.⁠

Get An Engaged Friend to help.⁠

Secretly ask them to let your partner try on their engagement ring; you might get a rough idea of size. You could then ask your partner what they thought of the friend’s engagement ring (in private) to try and get an idea of the style they prefer. ⁠

⁠Ask one of their friends if they know your partner’s ring size but swear them to secrecy!! If the friend doesn’t know, he or she can ask (nonchalantly). OR ask the friend to take your partner engagement ring shopping “for fun.” That way your partner will get professionally sized and might talk about what styles they like! ⁠

Compare Fingers to get the engagement ring size. ⁠

It’s not the most accurate method but it’s a start and especially useful if you spend a lot of time holding hands.

So holding your partner’s hand, see if their ring finger is similar in size to one of your fingers. For example, their left ring finger might the same size as your little finger. Then start debating it BUT measure your finger first so the last measurement you have is their ring finger and measure ideally

with a tape measure or with a piece of paper or string and compare.

OK OK I get it, you think they might get suspicious SO you have to make it part of something bigger, maybe part of a game. BUT YOU GOT THIS! So make up something like ⁠ “I was reading in a magazine that the more similar our hands are the more compatible we are, let’s see what ours are like?”⁠

⁠Although it might not be the most accurate way to measure, the more information a jeweller has about your partner’s ring size the better! Remember to talk to a jeweller about some tips too, and if you think you have found the right ring ask if it can be resized if needs be.⁠

⁠About the author.

I’m Amanda a modern quirky celebrant who believes in helping couples have the wedding ceremony they deserve with real freedom of choice and personalisation. Working with amazing wedding venues both licensed and unlicensed I offer much more than a traditional wedding ceremony in every aspect.

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