There are 2 types, Humanist celebrants and independent celebrants.

An independent celebrant gives you real freedom of ceremony content, choice and options because a Humanist celebrant has certain beliefs which mean you are more restricted in your ceremony content.

So, for example an independent celebrant can incorporate any religious or spiritual belief or will do a non religious ceremony whereas a humanist celebrant will not incorporate any religion at all in their ceremonies. So for real freedom of choice choose an independent celebrant.

Research their social media, do they change, are they “modern” on one site and “traditional” on another. So do they seem genuine?

Do you feel a connection with them, this is important because your relationship is very important. You want someone who you feel you can trust, and who is approachable and open minded. After all, you are trusting them with one of the most important aspects of your day, the ceremony.

Arrange a call with them, preferably on zoom and have a chat, do they seem confident and knowledgable or assertive and inflexible, there is a big difference.Top Tips for Choosing a Celebrant

A celebrant with a range of ceremony choices and prices puts you first, they want you to have freedom of choice, this is a good sign.

It also means they know about different ceremonies, and are open minded about creating and adapting ceremonies to suit you.

When you discuss ceremonies the more adaptable they are the better it is for you. Generally it means they have had good training so have a wide range of expertise which is exactly what you should be looking for.

Location and Exclusivity
If your preferred celebrant isn’t based in your area this may incur extra costs.
If this is a concern seek clarification, and if you need a celebrant closer to home ask for a recommendation. Many celebrants are in professional associations ask for a recommendation. Many celebrants are in professional associations and know colleagues based in various locations.

In terms of exclusivity choose a celebrant who will only perform one ceremony a day so they are focused on your day and won’t be rushing to or from another ceremony. This is really important because for example if their first ceremony overruns then they many be late, or stressed when they arrive to be with you.

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